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About aplakaam.com

Life is a long journey between human being and being human let’s take at least a step daily to cover the distance. We as an organisation strongly believe in helping the employee and the employer to find best suitable candidate fit for their job profile we offer you wide range blue collar employee to all industries and to all sector.

At Fitrite Global Services Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to the betterment of Blue-collar professionals. The Industrial Revolution promised a greener pasture for these individuals, however very little has happened for them. Blue-collar jobs engage the individual in higher physical and manual work. Although we now have high designed machinery in most organizations, the truth remains over 65% of such professionals work under extreme conditions. Being Blue-collar worker does not mean he/she is any less than anyone working in a corporate office.

Often Blue-collar’s don’t have an official educational degree or haven’t been to a fancy school / college. They come from poor backgrounds and pick up a job due to inheritance, family obligations lack of opportunities and no awareness of available jobs etc. Thanks to technology nowadays, at a hit of a button one can now access the whole plethora of information. The question still remains. Are we there yet? Is there anyone for the Blue-collar professionals to simplify their aspirations or help them make one?

At Fitrite Global Services Pvt. Ltd., we thriving at engaging with this community by our efforts to endeavour the simplification of connecting these professionals with the mighty organizations. We are a bridge that helps them cross over easily and swim in the ocean of opportunities.  These may be in manufacturing, oil and gas, electrical, maintenance, construction, furniture, farming, driving, restaurants, govt. affiliated projects, shipping, airline, trains etc.

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